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The Firm Battaglia & Partners has been operating since 1974 in the field of consulting firms, boasting a strong background in the field.

Our operational area was extended back in the seventies in regional, then became a national mid-eighties. From 1992 onwards, the firm has launched a series of activities and relations with foreign countries, such as to make the installation of its manufacturing businesses and customers in EU countries outside the EU. We both selected and initiated partnerships with foreign and local Professional Public Administrations.

The organization is therefore characterized by a network structure of professionals, both locally and branched peripheral, with sufficient expertise and for which we have a high degree of awareness of specific issues addressed in our study.

The result is a global service company that decides to entrust to our Studio.

      The study consists of Chartered Accountants, labor consultants, lawyers and auditors, all working together to provide the customer the usual services of:
  • Studio Commerciale;
  • Law Firm;
  • Study Advice Labor

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